Walid Shourbaji & Co. S.A.R.L. is a leading food stuffs and relevant raw materials distributor that has established a well-reputed name in its industry, offering top quality and high grade materials to the consumer market.

Established in the late 1970, Walid Shourbaji & Co. S.A.R.L. has expanded its distribution operations across Lebanon and the Middle East, utilizing a long and well-acclaimed legacy of traders, as well as a well-planned strategy towards continuous development and growth. This legacy has opened the horizons to the  establishment through its close and tactical alliances and partnerships with global leaders and manufacturers in the raw materials business, as well as provision of machineries and equipment.

Of the greatly diverse variety of products and resources offered by Walid Shourbaji & Co. S.A.R.L., the company specializes in the provision and distribution of:

  • Confectionary Products
  • Bakery Products
  • Beverage Products
  • Chocolate materials and ingredients
  • Dairy Products
  • Ice Cream Products
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Snack Products
  • Fragrances
  • Machineries and Equipment

In order for Walid Shourbaji & Co. S.A.R.L. to accommodate great demand in raw materials and top-quality ingredients, it has become necessary for it to establish strategic business partnerships with manufacturers and producers of raw materials and the like who are based in Europe, Asia, as well as the Western Hemisphere.

Through its strong network of partnering with high-profile manufacturers, logistics entities, and well-located outlets, the company has endeavored on providing the demanding markets with the best quality in ingredients and raw materials to both local and regional ranges.

As a result of this dedication to quality and greater value for business and consumer taste and requirements, Walid Shourbaji & Co. S.A.R.L. has been successful in maintaining a leading household name for every demand.


As the Shourbaji Trademark goes....Its all about QUALITY


To continuously provide local and regional markets with top quality materials with value for cost.


To embrace the trading legacy of the Shourbaji Family and reflect its name towards global standards.